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squRemote is a small utility that lets you control the media playing on your computer from you phone. It currently supports Android phone, and Linux and Windows PCs. Scroll down if you are only here for the download, but I recommend reading the Setting Up section to avoid confusions later.

Real Easy Way To Transfer Files From Linux

Windows has Homegroups that make transferring files on a network real easy. This had me wondering: what do we Linux users have when we need to send a huge file to another computer really quick? I had run into this problem once before, when a quick Google search did not yield anything quick and easy. I had accepted that Linux is too geeky to have such easy solution. A solution without a couple of pages of code is too boring, right? Recently, I was Googling for a way to make my Android talk to my Linux system for a project, when I stumbled upon the perfect solution to my old problem.